A Letter from Our President, Lisa Eyerkuss

In 1991, I started CTG with one vision in mind: to partner with businesses in an effort to help them become more productive. Having developed numerous curriculums as a trainer, I was confident that my skills—along with my passion for training—could turn CTG into a leading one-stop shop for all things training.

Fast forward to 2016, we're celebrating our 25th anniversary here at CTG—and to say that I'm proud of who we've become over the years is an understatement. And my passion for training—it's gotten stronger. Here's why:

Today, more than ever, companies are faced with numerous challenges. From retaining great employees and working faster—to staying competitive in the work force—it's a daily struggle. Not only does training give employees the opportunity to succeed in their roles—it enables them to overcome obstacles while reaching new heights in their jobs. Bottom line, it's a win-win.

Since starting Corporate Training Group (CTG), I've noticed one thing has remained the same across organizations: employees want to feel supported and employers want to see their company's ROI improve. We've succeeded at both. Offering customized training solutions—we understand first hand that training is not one size fits all. At CTG our experience, understanding and knowledge has made us experts in tailoring our training to fit the needs of the client—as well as the learners. We listen carefully, we dissect challenges and provide support—all while delivering the best solution possible.

Every day, companies like yours place their trust in CTG for new technology training and consulting. Each of our professional trainers and developers bring expertise and guidance wherever they go. Because they, like me, have an undying passion for helping people.

Whether you're a local, national or global organization—when you work with us, you and your company partner with a team of passionate trainers eager to make your project a successful one. Let CTG help you succeed in all of your training needs.

Best regards,

Lisa Eyerkuss

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