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By partnering with a trusted and leading provider of training solutions, our clients receive superior support and consultation. Discover how our custom training solutions have helped organizations like yours gain new skills, streamline business processes and increase productivity. Get a glimpse of how we turn our passion into your success, see our case studies below:

Client: Largest chemical producer in the world doing business in more than 80 countries with over 130,000 employees.

CTG Develops Worldwide Microsoft Office 365 Training Program for Global Chemical Company, Helps Drive ROI.


The global chemical company had a vision where all employees would have one single platform to operate and collaborate to increase productivity and decrease travel-associated expenses. Their challenge was to drive user adoption to all of its employees around the world, in multiple languages on Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint 2013.

The company needed a full service training firm that could work with them on communication plans to drive awareness while delivering the actual training. This initiative also required a lot of scheduling and logistics to give employees just in time training as they migrated to their new environments. The company had executed other projects similar to this one—however it yielded poor results. This project was one of the largest initiatives they had tackled, therefore lack of user adoption was not an option.


With a six-year existing partnership, the company looked to CTG to collaborate and deliver training on this global initiative to drive user awareness, adoption and productivity using Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Jabber/WebEx and SharePoint 2013.

CTG's training team, comprised of experienced and certified Microsoft instructors, worked to understand the cultural and technological changes that were about to take place in order to deliver a highly impactful training program. CTG worked with the company to deliver high quality customized training in multiple languages—offered in all time zones to accommodate all users in order to minimize the impact training would have on the day-to-day business operations.

Delivering scalable, just in time training in a blended modality fashion, the CTG team used live instructor-led virtual sessions, as well as live instructor led onsite training in a majority of the company's major offices. Prior to the onsite engagements, CTG developed a strong understanding of each offices' unique needs, then prepared our instructors with training sessions and a deep knowledge transfer.


With the proper training plan and execution, CTG enabled users to adopt and leverage the new technology and find their "new way of working." CTG also delivered highly impactful, relevant and targeted training with little to no disruption to the business. In addition, CTG instructors delivered meaningful and impactful sessions which made for consistent learning experiences.

  • Helped drive change in user experience to new email platform
  • Raised productivity and adoption with customized user training on Office 365
  • Increased ROI by assisting users to leverage new features and functionality to seek enhanced productivity


"Thank you very much for the support from you and your team. It was such a pleasure for me to work with you and I hope we can work together again on a future project. You have done such wonderful work these past few months and it was so uncomplicated and pragmatic to work with CTG on the training for our Global Office 365 Migration."

-Lead Project Manager, Global Chemical Company

Client: A Big Four Accounting Firm with a global network of firms providing audit, tax, advisory, special interest and industry-specific services.

Big Four Accounting Firm Leverages CTG's Training Services to Improve Technical and Professional Development Skills


Deploying new software in addition to assessing project management practices, the firm looked to CTG to develop custom training services that would improve both the technical and professional development skills of 30,000 employees.

Four areas of concentration were honed in on:

Technical and End-User Support – The firm was deploying Microsoft Windows 10 along with Office 2013 and needed to provide technical training to their IT Staff and end-user desktop training to their over 30,000 associates in the United States.

Professional Development – The firm expanded their internal Professional Development training offerings and needed programs to cover areas such as Critical Thinking, Meeting Skills, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Managing your Personal Brand and Positivity at Work.

SharePoint Deployment – Client rolled out SharePoint 2013 and needed customized and tailored curriculum and eLearning developed according to user roles and for external and internal clients.

Project Management Realignment – The firm conducted a Project Management process review and realignment resulting in the need for training to both ensure all PM's were at the same skill level but also so that everyone was aware of the new process and procedures associated with the update.


CTG developed a deep understanding of the client culture in addition to the capabilities they were looking for—enabling them to deliver high quality and impactful training solutions.

Technical and End-user Support – CTG provided customized Windows 10 training to the entire IT support team, both onsite and virtually, for those associates who were in a remote office environment. Follow up end-user training was provided to cover the new features of the software driving user adoption.

Professional Development – The CTG Professional Development team co-facilitated a client leadership round table to determine training needs and goals for the following year. CTG then used the results to develop a tailored program that covered all of the topic areas with both instructor led onsite and virtual webinar delivery.

SharePoint Deployment – CTG provided a SharePoint training specialist to first discover and understand the client environment, end-user roles and responsibilities as well as client facing requirements. Using this understanding, the specialist created multiple curriculum versions as well as the associated eLearning. Training was conducted via live webinar to ensure maximum coverage across all offices within the U.S.

Project Management (PM) Realignment – CTG provided an instructor/consultant to work with the client project team to customize the PM training to include the newly revamped process and procedures. Efforts also included the creation and delivery of an Executive Vision session designed to drive adoption from the top down as well as follow up on one-on-one coaching sessions to review on-going projects for process adherence and guidance.


CTG successfully delivered training solutions to multiple areas and continues to work closely with the client to deliver sustainable programs across all aspects of the business.

  • Drove acceptance and adoption of the updated PM processes
  • Increased the firm-wide user adoption of SharePoint
  • Professional Development training provided common and consistent cultural changes throughout the organization


"CTG is a high-performing extension and trusted training advisor to the firm."

Client: International Pharma Company

International Pharma Company Improves Sales Reporting and Engagement with CTG Custom Training Solutions.


Training employees on new software applications can be difficult under any circumstances. However—the associate director of commercial operations at a major pharmaceutical company had an extra challenge on her hands: Sales managers were frustrated with the company's older, cumbersome, Excel-based reporting tool—impacting productivity and preventing them from embracing a new application that the IT department had created for them.

The pharma company had planned to roll out the new application at a rapidly-approaching sales conference. At the meeting, three distinct groups working with three different product lines would all learn to use the same application. Conversely— sales managers known for slow adoption to change risked missing out on the benefits of the reporting software altogether.

"We had outdated sales-reporting software," the associate director says. "We were replacing it with a highly interactive software application that is very different from the static tool the sales team was used to. But many in the field had openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the old software, and so were reluctant to use the new one. We needed to engage an audience that was already partially disengaged."


With just four weeks to prepare before the meeting took place, the CTG team created and delivered three custom-built versions of live training along with a 50-page training guide.

To ensure the training and the sales conference was productive—three, 30-minute e-learning modules were developed—all tailored to diverse managerial groups that staff used prior to the conference. Additionally, the custom-built, pre-conference training applications were turned into post-conference teaching materials for new hires, effectively creating two solutions from one product.


Engaging the pharma company's territory managers with customized training, CTG helped them gain better visibility into their sales data—increasing sales projections and plans. In addition, the CTG training courses achieved the global company's most highly rated participant feedback at a sales-conference training for a new software application.

  • Improved adoption of new sales software resulting in increased sales projections
  • Created engaging training materials for existing employees and new hires
  • Training materials and eLearning continue to serve as sustainable training for employees


"This was the most highly rated training we've ever had for a new application." —Associate Director of Commercial Operations.

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