Custom eLearning Development

Companies and organizations, like yours, often choose pre-built eLearning courses for their low cost and convenience. And while most pre-built eLearning courses are successful, a customized eLearning course can be even more effective and rewarding.

At CTG, our custom eLearning development gives you the opportunity to create an eLearning experience that is tailor-made to fit the needs, challenges, and wants of your unique business, industry, and the employees within it. Whether your learners’ eLearning experience would best be suited with live instructor-led training or a combination of live training and e-Learning, we can help determine a blended custom approach that makes the most sense. Then, we make it happen successfully.

eLEarning Defined

eLearning is not a new idea, but it is becoming increasingly valuable as technology continues to transform the way people interact and learn. eLearning is often referred to as web or online training, and can be defined as a medium that influences positive behavior by facilitating education, knowledge, and understanding through an electronic device, such as a computer or tablet. While the advantages of eLearning are endless, there are four in particular that stand out:

Advantages of Custom eLearning with CTG

  1. Cost-Effective: Our custom courses save you time and costs without sacrificing quality of work. By working with CTG to create a custom eLearning course, your employees no longer waste time training other individuals, and instead increase productivity—resulting in better ROI for your business. While our custom eLearning varies on a client and project basis, we promise that our finished product will promote learning and retention—either through custom eLearning alone or a blended combination approach with virtual or live instructor-led training included. In addition, all copyrights, resources, and files are handed over to you upon completion (and approval), giving your team control to update as needed.
  2. Consistent: eLearning provides consistency and a more reliable delivery of information to your target audience. With custom eLearning, you don’t have to worry about your employees receiving inaccurate or differing information.
  3. Convenient: Based on your needs, our eLearning courses can give your team members the ability to learn at their own pace and during times that best suit their already busy schedules. In addition, courses can be created with a blended or combination approach, meaning your course can have modules and elements such as a live instructor or hands- on tasks. Convenience doesn’t stop there, either. Our final course files are shared with you so that you can do as you please with your course, when you please.
  4. Custom: Your individual business, industry, and project specifications are addressed from the start when you work with us. This way, we can best convey your brand, be relevant, and create immersive scenarios wherever possible. From live instructor-led training online or on-site training to web courses and customized one-on-one software training, our team of knowledgeable trainers go the extra mile to effectively achieve desired results.

The Benefits of Custom eLearning Design & Content

Why have your team suffer through cookie cutter eLearning programs or hours of boring classroom lectures when you can create a course that is informative, motivational, and memorable?

At CTG, we work with you and want to see results as much as you do. We have helped large and small organizations alike with varying needs, budgets, and tools. We create meaningful eLearning content, custom eLearning designs, and can add interaction throughout the course that engages learners, resulting in more efficient job performance. We work with you to identify your organization’s eLearning needs, then implement the best eLearning solutions possible based on your business and situation.

Our Thorough Yet Seamless Custom eLearning Process

From planning to deployment, our process is detailed to ensure that your goals are top of mind throughout the entire custom eLearning process.

Step 1: Planning

During our planning phase, we conduct a thorough needs assessment where our trainers work with you to identify and outline specific strategies that will successfully present important concepts. Our team focuses on what the target audience is going to experience and how we can make it rewarding, engaging, and effective. Regardless of your business’s processes and procedures, culture or events and tools, our custom training solutions are personalized to support your every need.

Step 2: Storyboarding

Whether you just have an idea or concept, a story that you’re ready to move forward with, or need your story produced from scratch, we can help with content development. We like to work closely with your subject matter expert to get to know exactly what resonates with you audience before applying our expertise.

Step 3: Design & Development

Our training experts partner with you throughout this step to ensure that the end result is as you had envisioned—or better. Together, the elements needed to be effective within your budget are determined, such as: interactive activities, simulations, relatable scenarios, visuals, videos and/or audio. A project may have one, a combination, or all of the elements. Elements often vary because needs, goals, and budgets vary. For example, a customer who wants to teach their people a new way to exit a building versus a customer who wants their employees to learn how to complete a new and complex task is likely to have different elements.

Step 4: Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

During our fourth step, we find out which LMS, or Learning Management System, your company uses. Then, we determine what file is needed, the size of the file, if it is SCORM compliant, and go from there. Our developers don’t stop until your new custom eLearning course is on your LMS the way you need it to be.

Step 5: Deployment

We successfully deploy our eLearning course trainings as you prefer. This can be by preparing your team to share internally or by having our experienced trainer come to your location to present. By planning excessively in steps one through four, this step is by far the easiest.

When You Choose CTG, You Get a Partner

At CTG, we understand that budgets and technologies vary across one company to another, which is why we work with you to align your business and projects to our standard or custom eLearning courses. We listen closely to your goals and vision and then we provide you options based on our expertise.

Our team of trainers, consultants, developers, graphic designers, customer support, and your dedicated account executive and project manager provide complete care to address your every need while contributing to the amplification of your success.

The Only Way to Learn Effectively and Amplify Success

We offer blended options because your needs are not black and white. We can bring in other elements like instructor-led training or virtual instructor-led training if it makes sense to combine.

We have decades of experience helping businesses get more from standard pre-built training courses and custom course training courses, and we look forward to helping you, too. If you’re thinking about developing a custom course or unsure if a blended or pre-built course makes more sense for your situation, the team at CTG can help. Contact our friendly training team today!

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