Software Migration Training Packages

Using CTG's migration cycle, we support end users from the start—because we know first-hand that software is only as successful as its user. Giving your employees the tools they need to become more productive, we help you get more out of your existing investment by providing you with migration training solutions that work.

At CTG we work alongside your team to develop a targeted phased deployment approach to application migration training—so when it's time to flip the switch, your users aren't left in the dark.

Software Migration Training Packages
Software Migration Training Packages
What's Included with the package?
  • One-hour discovery call
  • Initial training agenda customizations
  • Project coordination
  • Pre-migration communication emails
  • Pilot sessions
  • Pricing for virtual sessions is based on three sessions per day
  • Onsite sessions can be converted to virtual sessions
Packages Additional Services Available
  • Quick Reference Guides (pdf or print)
  • eLearning (Hosted or on Network)
  • Registration Portal
  • Languages and Time Zones
  • Recorded Sessions
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