Workshop & Training Facilitation Solutions

Since 1991 corporations have entrusted Corporate Training Group to support them. CTG has helped companies define and refine their corporate training strategies offering custom-built development programs that address your companies training needs.

CTG training facilitation services include:

  • Customized Web Portal – Publicize and promote awareness for your training offerings, and track registrations for your staff on your personalized, branded portal page.
  • Internal Marketing Material – Boost training attendance via customized emails, flyers, posters, and web content.
  • Training Documentation & Reporting – Customized sign-in sheets, and post-course evaluations.
  • Training Reinforcement Materials – Let CTG prepare customized Quick Reference Guides, FAQs and tailored Tips to match your training goals.

To learn more about our workshop and training facilitation solutions and how they can improve the performance of your employees, contact us today!

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